Got Nukes, Mr. Dictator? You Hold On to Them!

Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and Saddam Hussein of Iraq – two dreadful dictators who are no longer with us largely because they didn’t get to go far enough in the nuclear weapon development process. Photos: Wikipedia

Are you the feisty dictator of a rogue state? Or the troubled leader of an aspiring democracy with big, bad neighbors? And you’ve gotten your hands on some nukes?

Well, if you want to hang on to your regime, you probably should hold on to them. Continue reading “Got Nukes, Mr. Dictator? You Hold On to Them!”


Understanding Russia 101: Easy! No ‘Riddle Wrapped in Mystery inside Enigma’

A view of Moscow with the State Historical Museum and the Manezhnaya Square. Photo: Wikipedia

Russia has been especially perplexing to almost everybody in the West, with US Presidents often featuring prominently on the “misunderstanding Russia” list…

Here is the basic model of hundreds of years of imperial history squeezed into a single essay. Continue reading “Understanding Russia 101: Easy! No ‘Riddle Wrapped in Mystery inside Enigma’”