From the Notre-Dame Fire to Italy’s ‘Bone-Breaking’ Scam: EU’s Top Stories from April 15, 2019, Ranked (written for The European Views*)

The fire in the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris has grabbed global attention. Photo: TV grab from France24
(*This opinion / analytical article was written by Ivan Dikov for The European Views website.)

16 EU news and developments from April 15, 2019 that matter the most. (An experimental piece.)

Following are the top news stories from April 15, 2019, concerning the European Union and its member states, with ranking and commentary by European Views journalist Ivan Dikov.

#1. Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire

The Notre-Dame Cathedral, one of the most emblematic landmarks of Paris, France, and Europe, was badly damaged in a fire that started Monday night.

The fire even led to the collapse of the 93-meter-tall spire of the 850-year-old Notre-Dame Cathedral.

At bunch of other EU developments from April 15, 2019, have more far-reaching consequences but the Notre-Dame fire is ranked as No. 1 because of the shocking images from the emblematic French historical monument. Hopefully, the Notre-Dame bodes nothing apocalyptic.

#2. EU Member States Seal Approval of Contentious Copyright Reform

The EU member states have sealed the approval of the new EU Copyright Directive, a very controversial law met with fierce protests, which updates the Union’s 20-year-old copyright legislation. The approval went through on the sidelines of a meeting of EU agricultural ministers in Luxembourg, with 19 member states in favor, six against, and three abstaining.

The new EU copyright law, which critics say will hurt Internet freedom, requires social media companies to monitor user content for copyright violations and obliges them to pay fees to musicians, performers and authors, while exempting non-profits and companies with annual turnover of under EUR 10 million.

It is safe to assume that the actual ramifications of the new EU copyright legislation are far from clear, whether it’ll be the critics’ fears materializing or something else completely unforeseen.

#3. EU Moves to Open Trade Talks with US

EU ministers have voted to open trade talks with the United States, after months of disputes. France was against at an EU Council meeting but its vote was overwhelmed in qualified majority voting, and Belgium abstained. French leader Macron had insisted that the USA returns to the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Stage seems set for a new round of Trans-Atlantic haggling with Trump…

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