Macron’s NATO Bashing, Global Cluelessness Could Throw Europe into Despair (written for The European Views*)

French President Emmanuel Macron’s deeds and words with respect to NATO, the EU, and the West seem to be growing ever more perplexing to the unbiased, well-meaning citizens of the West. Photo: Jens Stoltenberg on Twitter
(*This opinion / analytical article was written by Ivan Dikov for The European Views website.)

If France’s President doesn’t know who Europe and the West’s enemies are, Europe and the West are in a very, very serious trouble.

I wouldn’t dare comment so categorically on France’s domestic politics but from the point of view of international politics, the rescue of the European Union, and the defense of the West, French President Emmanuel Macron seems to be rapidly turning into an incredible disappointment.

France’s President deems himself worthy of becoming the dominant leader of Europe but is woefully missing the mark on a wide range of absolutely crucial counts.

From disrupting the European Parliament’s Spitzenkandidat functioning system because of his personal dislike of Manfred Weber;

To blocking Albania and North Macedonia’s EU future for no apparent rational reason whatsoever;

To insulting Eastern Europeans, including by declaring his preference for non-Europeans to them, thus perpetuating Western Europe’s utterly mistaken priorities gradually dooming the EU to collapse;

To bashing NATO by declaring its “brain death” thus horrendously undermining its credibility and the trust in the Alliance in the already cataclysmic Trump – Brexit Era;

To becoming eager to succeed German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the undisputed leader of the European Union, and maybe even of the “Free World”;

And, last but not least, to delusionally believing that France (or maybe Franco-Germany) can handle a resurgent Russia all on its own, balance it, contain it, negotiate with it on equal terms, and strike a fair deal with it on behalf of all of Europe or even of the entire West, without getting outsmarted, or even crushed diplomatically by Moscow

All of those very sins on his part demonstrate that Macron now seems to regard himself way too highly, for whatever reason, and that he’s failing to realize that each one of those sins has done far more harm than good – and that much of the damage in question might ultimately prove to be irreparable…

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