Top 21 World News on December 2, 2019, Ranked: From 200 Countries’ Global Climate Pledge to Denmark – Germany Border Fence

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaking at the opening of the UN Climate Change Conference COP 25 in Madrid, Spain, December 2, 2019. Photo: Antonio Guterres on Twitter

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Following are the world’s 21 most important news stories on December 2, 2019, ranked by Pax Glocalica’s Ivan Dikov.

1. COP25: 200 countries pledge ′green revolution′ DW

2. Choose hope or climate surrender, says UN chief France24

3. China sanctions US over ‘unreasonable behaviour’ in Hong Kong unrest France24
China suspends US Navy visits to Hong Kong over support for protests BBC News

4. Trump will not participate in impeachment hearing, White House says BBC News

5. Putin, Xi oversee launch of massive Russian gas pipeline to China France24
Russia, China launch gas pipeline ′Power of Siberia′ DW

6. What′s next for Chancellor Merkel′s government? DW

7. US mulls retaliation to French tech tax BBC News
France says US pulling back on digital tax deal France24

8. Iran unrest killed at least 208 people — Amnesty International DW

9. ‘They died to protect the people in the Sahel,’ Macron says in tribute to fallen French troops France24

10. Trump campaign denies press credentials to Bloomberg News BBC News

11. Climate change forces 20 million people to flee each year, says Oxfam DW

12. Russia: Putin signs off law targeting journalists as ′foreign agents′ DW

13. Yang Hengjun: Australia criticises China for detainment of ‘democracy peddler’ BBC News

14. Several children killed in Turkish artillery attack in northern Syria, monitor says France24

15. Daphne Caruana Galizia murder: Malta PM Joseph Muscat to resign BBC News

16. Jaya Bachchan: India MP calls for ‘lynching’ of Hyderabad rapists BBC News

17. German defense minister calls for extension of NATO mission in Afghanistan DW

18. Mexican President Lopez Obrador says Bolivia′s leader Morales was a ′victim of a coup′ DW

19. Iraq parties in talks over new PM amid unrelenting protests France24

20. Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido rocked by explosive corruption claim within his ranks France24

21. Denmark completes contentious fence along German border DW


(Im)Pending Climate Apocalypse:

COP25: 200 countries pledge ′green revolution′ DW

Choose hope or climate surrender, says UN chief France24

Climate change forces 20 million people to flee each year, says Oxfam DW


Political and Social Unrest:

Iran unrest killed at least 208 people — Amnesty International DW

Iraq parties in talks over new PM amid unrelenting protests France24

Angela Merkel meets Germany’s protesting farmers DW


Tragic Incidents, Accidents, or Natural Disasters:

Floods in southern France kill five, including three in a helicopter crash France24

Thousands flee as Typhoon Kammuri churns towards Philippines France24

Government shutdown in Samoa amid ‘cruel’ measles outbreak France24

Australia bushfires: Victim takes home’s remains to parliament BBC News

East Africa floods: Trapped Kenyan fisherman rescued BBC News



Shelley Morrison: Tributes after Will & Grace actress dies aged 83 BBC News

Mariss Jansons: ‘Outstanding’ conductor mourned BBC News


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